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You must be over the age of 18 before you can be married in Australia.

A "Notice of Intended Marriage Form" must be completed prior to your wedding.

Click here to download the "Notice of Intended Marriage Form"
(Please complete this form in capital letters using black ink only)

The "Notice of Intended Marriage Form" must be received by me no later than one month before the marriage can take place.
This form is valid for 18 months.

If you live in Australia - complete the form and have your signatures witnessed by myself or any other authorised persons on the list.

If you live overseas - complete the form and have your signatures witnessed in the presence of an Australian Embassy official; an Australian Consular officer, or a Notary Public (The official must stamp the document)

Any law firm should give you a list of Notary Publics in your area. If you have any problems please advise me as soon as possible.
Overseas Australian Embassies and consulates can be found here.

All Original Documents – Must be produced and sighted by myself prior to the wedding taking place.

Birth Certificates and Photo IDs:
If you were born in Australia – Originals need to be sighted for identification.
Photo IDs: Current Passport or Current Drivers License.

If you were born overseas - Original Birth Certificate (officially translated if not in English) and current Passport.

Name Change:
Certificate of Name change - If you have changed your name - other than by a previous marriage

Previously Married:
- You must provide an original Divorce Certificate for proof of Divorce.

Death of a Spouse:
– You must provide an original death certificate.

I must have the original "Notice of Intended Marriage Form", and sight original Birth Certificates and Divorce Papers /Death Certificates (if applicable) - before the Marriage can take place.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any more details.

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